Broadcasting Generator Solutions

Constant Power Solutions have always been a major supplier of generators to many broadcasting and filming companies in the past, which have been installed in outside broadcast vehicles such as large Mercedes-Benz Sprinter vans as well as Large Rigid Trucks with 20ft or 40ft Trailers.

From the BBC to the PDC Darts here in the UK, or you can look further afield to Africa in places such as Kenya, Nigeria or further for major tournaments like the World cup, UEFA Euros, and the Olympics, where you would see outside broadcast vehicles featuring our CPS Generators inside.

This current project was slightly different than previous – this job consisted of CPS producing the major design, electrical and synchronising work, with one of our close special purpose vehicle and trailer manufacturers. They pride themselves in providing specialist trailers and mobile solutions to traditionally static functions, including for information technology (IT), medical, exhibition, marketing, and hospitality purposes.

We would not have been able to produce the project to the high quality that it is without the support of our special purpose vehicle and trailer manufacturer. Likewise, being specialised in not only the manufacturing of Diesel generators, but the whole design and systematic workings. They needed our major input, design and complete overhaul works to complete the job. We always say, no one can be a specialist in everything, work with key companies in key areas and projects run a lot smoother.

Generator Details

The project was to produce 2 x 250kva Tier5 Generators (Current highest level of emissions here in the UK), in a soundproof 20ft Container side by side. The container needed to have external section for sockets and the socket requirements were calculated and design by the clients need, as well as the CPS Research & Development team to ensure that the generator can cope with the demands.

The reason for 2 x 250kva Generators, was to ensure that on site where the load requirement is higher, both generators can share the load. As well as this, if one generator was to fail then the second generator can take over the load. This two-generator solution will also help reduce servicing needs and requirements as they can switch which generator runs at any time, sharing the running hours equally.

The work took more than 100 Hours of manpower from designing to fabricating the container works to ensure that servicing doors were suable for the engineers. Fuel tanks of 1000L per Generator for the generators to sit on, and a section not only maintenance but for storage. Our R&D team alongside support from Scania calculated the air in and air out requirements. We also designed and built automatic air louvres on the roof to turn on pre the generator firing up to be able to discharge the exhaust and hot air, whilst the generator is running as well as not be engulfed by rain here in the UK, when the generators aren’t running.


The complete generator was packaged and sent to our partners who as you can see below have fully cladded the blue container to make it look more like a full truck trailer with no remises of being a container or containerised genset. The doors for the electrical section have been fully installed and service doors are matching the overall design.

This unit will now be delivered to the client and the generator will be used in many sites for broadcast companies such as the BBC and others, where outside filming is required with enough power to cover all equipment, actors’ trailers as well as all the staff that are required on an outside film set.