One of the main agriculture trades in the UK  is Hen Laying. Most homes in the UK will have a basket of eggs in their kitchen as we speak. The English Breakfast consists of a fried egg or even scrambled egg.

The UK has a good reputation for animal welfare, and there are several codes of practice. Hen Laying or Chicken farming is no excuse, with the RSPCA patrolling what chicken farmers can and can’t do. One stipulation is that every chicken farm must have some sort of back up power or standby power in case there is a power cut. In the north of England where there have been many power cuts, more and more farmers are purchasing UK Built Diesel Generators (with CPS providing many of them).


One farm in the North East, in one of the northern hot spots of Agriculture, working with one of our dealers who covers the North West required a 100 kVA Diesel generator with an Automatic Transfer Switch. Although we did not supply the ATS Panel, we made sure beforehand speaking to the manufacturer of the ATS, that our control panel working in sync with the ATS. The reason for the request is as chickens require lights in their barns, the lights will be connected to the mains power and if there is a power cut, then the ATS will send a signal to the generator to fire up. The power will be down for no longer than 10 seconds at any one time.


As the farm owners were bringing in a construction team to upgrade their whole farm, to fit in with their building requirements the generator had to build and delivered within 7 days. The CPS team were on board with these tight deadlines and did more work in 7 days than Craig David (bearing in mind we are closed on Sundays and we had one day wait for the engine and alternator). This goes to show the dedication by the engineering team to move production around to fit in a 100 kVA order for our dealer in the North West to not lose an order.