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Clay Cross Generator
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Project Details

Company: EP Consulting
Products Included: AD200, full decommissioning and installation including bespoke air louvres, cable ducting, fuel pipelines and commissioning upon completion
Location: Chesterfield
Application: Backup power for a hospital
Project Completion Period: 4 weeks
Date: February 2021

Project Overview

In October 2020 CPS increased their sales department by hiring Patrick Mercer and Russell Britton to compete in the UK project market. Less than 6 months in, Patrick already has one completed project under his belt!

As part of his job role, Patrick regularly searches for projects out for tender in the north of the UK. These can include anything from standard specification Diesel generators to highly bespoke sets with installation and commissioning. In the middle of January, there was a live tender for Clay Cross Hospital in Chesterfield, who needed a set to replace their current one. This generator had been installed for over 20 years and needed replacing. Although the set was built over two decades ago, it had spent under 50 Hours running as the generator is only required to run at standby operation only. Even with a good service history, over time even the best built Diesel generators have a shelf life. To ensure complete back up operation the Hospital facilities team knew that they would need a complete replacement to bring the Hospitals backup power operation into the modern day.

The whole project took roughly two weeks to complete from start to finish, from decommissioning the existing generator, all the way through to final switch off after commissioning. The CPS Team including a range of companies we worked with completed the whole project in the time set out from start to finish. We have close relationships with a range of companies who supported us with this project, including one of our dealers based in Evesham who provided a rental set for backup power whilst the new set was being installed. Local, experienced companies designed and fabricated the bespoke exhaust system, louvres, and fuel piping. Whilst the electrical work and commissioning work was completed by experts in the field to ensure complete sign off. With this being an emergency standby powered set for a Hospital application, you have to ensure everyone working on the job is efficient, driven and has the correct accreditations, not only our engineers but our out-sourced team of experts in their fields.

After many extensive meetings, extremely detailed drawings and great coordination, all led and organised internally and externally by Patrick. The shiny new AD200 (Deutz powered 200kva set) was installed, tested on site, commissioned and ready to power the hospital in case of a power outage!