We are always grateful when a client comes to us with an order which we know will benefit communities massively. So when one of our dealers, who specialise in renewable energy and providing a better standard of life for those living below the poverty line, came to us with a request for three generators to help provide electricity to a rural area, we were thrilled to be able to aid in making such a positive difference.


Our production team here in the UK got straight to work on creating three high-quality gensets, ready to be shipped to Asia in a 20-foot container.

The first generators our team got to work on was two AP45S sets which offer soundproof and weatherproofing so that they can function to their highest potential in the climate they will be running in. One of these generators was coupled to a Mecc Alte alternator, and the other a Stamford. Like all out generators, these were fitted with Deep Sea Electronics control modules.

The third genset on our order was an AP60S coupled to a Mecc Alte alternator, and as always fitted with a reputable Deep Sea Electronics control module.


We have no doubt about the positive impact that these power solutions will have in this rural Area. We are always delighted when our UK products get to be appreciated and distributed worldwide.