The solution required by the Telcoms company was an 80kva Generator (AP80) with a 40kva Boxer UPS with extended battery cabinet, as well as an Automatic Transfer switch and 1000l Fuel tank.

One thing that was a concern was space within the canopy and the air flow. We asked our container fabricator for support on this matter and they built the container to the specifications set out by the consultant and CPS Ltd R&D division.


No thoughts were left untreated as the air-conditioned unit was built with air flow, heat and weather conditions in mind.

The containerized set was built in-house here in Selby North Yorkshire, by Constant Power Solutions using a 40kva Boxer UPS from Makelsan.

Stephen Lucas Business Development manager who handled the project from start to finish commented “We were asked for a specific requirement which included the Malesan Boxer 3 phase UPS System to be built in a containerized set, we knew that heat would be an issue as well as noise and vibration. We manufactured the generator and cabinet with space specific to the application and on a very tight turnaround”


From start to finish the project was talked about for nearly 12 months, it came from an idea on paper from the consultant, which was signed off by the end users with the help and support from CPS. The building work of the generator took a solid 1 week to build once all the main components were delivered.

Daniel Arnett, Sales and Marketing Director of CPS commented “When we were asked to build this for the client we were of course more than please. from our own testing and witness tests we know the system will more than meet the demands of the end users. We are very proud to have been involved in putting this solution together”