We had an inquiry from a respectable company in the UK who are working on a project that requires a 18kVA Diesel Generator which is switchable between three phase and single phase.

The client’s request was quite bespoke as the generator will be used in the Telecommunications industry. It will be situated in a remote area and at times will be started remotely, and will be powering single phase and three phase applications. We discussed with the client working on their drawings to ascertain what they need. They won’t be using the generator in both single phase and three phase at the same time, so we were able to rewire the genset to be able to switch between 1ph and 3ph.


As it will be situated in a remote area and will be started remotely at time, we fitted a DSE890 for this added function. If you require power in 1 phase you would turn the switch to single phase 230v, and if you require the unit in 3 phase then you would switch the switch to 400v 3 phase. The light will come on to warn you what voltage the generator is in currently.

The idea of this product will save the Telecommunication industry substantial costs, as a result, the generator set is now undergoing testing as a trial. If after trailing the generator set does save the telecommunication industry and the plans that have been heavily discussed are correct, then Constant Power Solutions will be one of the for runners in innovation and will be the main supplier to one of the largest Telecom contractors, permanently linked to major telecom providers.


This project is one that we have worked tirelessly with our customer technical team to make sure what the client needs are met. Our Business Development manager Stephen Lucas has helped and been the middleman working with the CPS Engineers and technical department to make sure we hit the deadlines.

“The hours I have put into this project not only with the client but with the CPS team makes it all worthwhile when you see what our team have produced. We had a team working long hours to not only makes sure we hit the deadline, but also because they are passionate about what the company stands for and what the company wants to achieve. CPS wants to be one of the front-runners in innovation and development, and with this particular generator CPS Ltd has hit another Landmark”.