Constant Power Solutions with our partners in Palestine: PalPower for Energy and Contracting شركة بال بور للمقاولات والطاقة Have recently together won major projects in the Palestinaian authority thanks to the hard work of the Pal Power team on the ground as well as the support of Constant Power Solutions.

Palestine has always been a country that CPS have supplied to since the company was incorporated. Due to the lack of mains power across the region, diesel generators are a reliable source of power in the region. This is due to and increase in demand for power growing, to the point it’s more than what the country can produce. Pre 2013, all electricity was imported via Israeli power plants, but the supply of power did not meet the demand, hence the need for Diesel Powered Generator sets.

Most Palestinian people have access to electricity, whether by the general electricity network or by small community diesel generators. However, the unusual constraints on the energy supply to Gaza and the West Bank mean that reliability of service is by no means guaranteed. About 95% of electricity consumed in West Bank and Gaza Strip is imported from Israeli power plants via 22 and 33 kV feeders and through three substations of 161/33 kV in the West Bank, while the remaining electricity is generated by decentralised small diesel generators. Some 79 localities in the West Bank are not connected to a public electricity network.  (

As Palestine electricity demand increasing year on year by circa 6% annually, The Palestinian Electricity Transmission Company (PETL), formed in 2013, is currently the sole buyer of electricity in the areas under PA control. It buys electricity from the Palestine Power Generation Company (PPGC), IEC, and other neighbouring countries, which is then distributed to the six Palestinian district electricity distribution companies. Even still as the country/region grows there is still a lull vs what they can produce and what they need.

Working with Pal Power we have helped supply 3 x Alpha Series 180kva Prime 200kva standby rated Diesel generators, all produced with Perkins’s engine and Stamford alternators. These units will be supplied for standby power, but will be required when the mains power needs additional support. Meaning unlike the UK Standby power can be running some times several hours a day to help demand.

On the ground CPS and Pal Power have had meetings with clients in Palestine via Zoom and telephone calls to help support the region. We have two major projects that are in build at the moment which, one is for a major hospital in the region, which will be a containerised generator set and will need to be built within quick lead time whilst ensuring quality due to the nature of the application for emergency power. The other project is for an international humanitarian charity that protects people affected by conflict and armed violence and promoting the laws that protect victims of war.

Pal Power are proud to promote the brand CPS and ‘Made in the UK’ as it helps them compete in markets whereby, they would not have been able to if they were not committed to a Brand here in the UK producing quality UK Diesel generators that stand up against the competition.