The order consisted of AP60, AP100 x3, AP150, AP200, AP300 and AP400, all open type sets, with large base fuel tanks, business management systems and various upgrades.

This order not only shows our pedigree in working on tight schedules to complete 8 units within 7 working days, but we had strict requirements to adhere to as all units needed to comply within the telecommunication tender, from the origin of the engines, to DSE890 fitted and connected on all generators.


We uniformed every generator to comply with their requirements. Every generator consisted of two ABB metal enclosures, one with the control panel and breakers, and the second for the customer to have easy access for cable connections. All units also had the DSE7420 combined with DSE890 3G Module BMS System.

We set up for the client the DSE control panel and Modules to make it easier for the clients to effectively plug in and play with little set up from the client. This is one of the main reasons we won the deal and why we would agree this is our Pedigree, that we not only listen to our clients and build them the solution they not only want but what they need as well.


Our newly appointed dealer overseas beat many well-known and large Generator dealers/distributors and credit the support from CPS to help him secure the deal, which now should hopefully help us grow our awareness overseas.

Constant Power Solutions are now becoming the first name on the lips internationally when projects require a UK Built with UK/EU Components and we put this down to not only team CPS but the hard work on the ground by our international dealers.

The international market appreciates quality, which is why we believe that UK Generators are much sought out.