Down in the southern region, we had a request from one customer for three generators to be built as there was a major power cut affecting many homes and businesses.

The Landlord of the two residential properties, which are homes to several families, lost power on Wednesday late evening. The landlord had no idea how long power would be out for so he made a quick decision to contact his local Electrical Installation company, which led to the call to CPS. We with the help of the electrical installation company sized the generators accordingly and work all Thursday morning and evening, and set off late Thursday night to deliver the sets in question.


The CPS team worked tirelessly to meet the quick deadline which will be used to power 2 residential properties which as well as a local tenants center which will be the main staging point for people without power during the winter period, in case there are more power cuts imminent.

We work closely with our dealers and generator installation companies to help them meet their deadlines, whilst supporting them with a quality UK Product that meets their requirements. As of last night, these three power generators were installed and emergency power was quickly restored in the early hours of last night. They will now be used as standby power and once the main grid is restored the units will be shut down ready for the next power cut.


Mr. Ferguson the landlord of the residential properties could not be more thankful for the quick turnaround and had this to say ” I got a call from one of my tenants late on Wednesday to say she had a power cut. Once realizing that I had no way of getting power restored, I contacted CPS. They advised that they would help me in my hour of need and supply power to all three properties I owned. Now I know going forward we are prepared for further power cuts. I am looking to purchase 2 more properties and I will be using CPS for emergency power on all further owned properties”

f you are a landlord and are thinking of offering emergency power for your residential homes, properties and apartment blocks. Why not speak to Constant Power Solutions, we can assist you with offering the solution for your home and if you don’t have anyone who can install the sets we can put you in touch with several companies in your areas who can install and offer you the full service and maintenance package, so your tenants will never have to worry about further power cuts.