Amazon Distribution Centre diesel generator supply
Amazon Distribution Centre diesel generator supply

Project Details

Products Included: AP225S and AS365S
Location: Durham, UK
Application: Distribution Centres
Project Completion Period: March 2020
Date: 03/04/2020

Project Overview

Via one of our main dealers, we were given a full break down of 2 Standby Power generators. These Generators were to produce back up power for two distribution centres in the UK. Both sets although very different both needed to be built to strict specifications to meet their design consultants’ requirements.

CPS built AS365S, powered by a Scania DC13 -72A engine, Mecc Alte alternator and DSE7420 control module, as well as a AP225S with a Perkins 1206A-E70TTAG2 engine and Stamford alternator. Both sets were very bespoke as the 24/7 distribution centres require critical and emergency power to ensure that if the site did have a power cut, that they would encounter minimal disruptions.


The generator sets had multiple upgrades, such as; bunded base tank to meet 24 hours at 100% load, as if they did have a full power cut. They would need enough fuel to power the set, whilst the mains power was restored. In the UK on average a power cut can take 4 hours to be restored, but power cuts can take longer and of course with 24 Hour support this will give them enough time to refuel if the power cut is anticipation for a longer period.

Other upgrades included BMS interface connection to allow them to monitor any generator signals and alarms. A water jacket heater to help the engine power up during a cold start, anti-condensation heater fitted to the alternator, DC bulk headlights and external connection box for cable glands for ease of installation. The Control panel required was the DSE7420 which will allow the maintenance team to check on the coolant temperature and oil pressure as well as be able to view all generator functions such as voltage, amps etc…

Overall, both sets where built within the required lead times and were commissioning by our dealer and the consultants on site to ensure that both distribution sites had full back up and emergency standby power support.