Diesel Generator


Company: Renaker Build
Products and services included: AP135S,
Application:  To supply power to fire safety equipment
Project Completion Period: 


This project was for a residential development company that is building unique developments in and around central Manchester. We were actually sought out via a design consultancy that stumbled across our website, looking for someone to help bring their bespoke design to life.

The company was looking to install an emergency operation Diesel Generator to assist in their fire evacuation system to increase safety for their residents.


Once complete, the residential complex in question will house 1000s of people in luxury apartments in multi-story buildings. Unlike most other apartment complexes, this development will be its own village. Fully equipped with three high-rise apartment towers, a school and a large multi-storey car park all on site. With some of the buildings spanning over fifty stories, health and safety must be taken into careful consideration. Not only to protect the residents, but the company as well.

After much analysis, the company decided to search for a way to increase the efficiency of its fire safety system. They needed an emergency source of power to kick into action in the case of a fire to power their sprinkler systems as well as their lifts. This would help eradicate any fire or smoke and protect their residents in the most efficient and safe manner.

The company contacted their design consultants to design their ideal backup power system for such a large application. The consultants devised an outline of the perfect Diesel Generator power system and just needed to find a team capable of bringing their vision to life. That’s when they found us! One of our sales managers Stephen was contacted over the phone and asked if we were able to manufacture and supply this bespoke genset. They also were looking at our recommendations for brands and precision etc.

Project Specification

Upon hearing the spec and working with the current design, the final project included an AP135S Perkins-powered Diesel Generator with a DSE7320 Deep Sea Electronics Control Module and 1106A-70TG1 engine.

Working in conjunction with the design consultants, we also designed a system with a separate junction box to send power to the fire system when needed. We then added an automatic transfer switch (ATS-200) to immediately switch the generator on and to start powering the connected cables as soon as it is signalled to do so. To also aid in making this power transition smoother, we added a Water Jacket Heater. The function of this is to consistently keep the engine at an optimum temperature for starting up –  so when the generator begins running, a more efficient transition to emergency power undergoes.

For operational aid there will also be a separate battery management system signal from the generator to the apartments control room that will show the generator running

The build of this genset was carried out with no issues and delivery to the site in Manchester was smooth. Once on-site installation was carried out by the client’s Electrical Contractors.

Project Aftercare

Several weeks later our CPS Engineers conducted commissioning on the system. Diesel Generator commissioning includes inspection of every operational component of the generator. As well as carrying out a live test with full documentation provided to ensure the sound running quality of the system.

We offer Generator Commissioning to all of our customers but we especially recommend it for standby gensets due to their emergency nature and lack of use. For more information about commissioning, check out our blog!

After smooth commissioning with no issues detected, the project is ready for any unexpected fire emergencies.

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