The generator was sold to a rather large stately home in County cork for back up power. We supplied an Automatic Transfer switch with the set which was 60amp powering a 13kva single phase Diesel generator.

The order was a first time order by one of our new UK dealers, which hopefully there will be more to come.


The AP13S-1PH Generator was built in mind that it would be powering a residential stately home, which has several guest bedrooms, so sound levels are a must. As standard, our Generators are built for residential in mind and our dba ratings for this size are   63dba@7m and 72dba@1m. On testing the unit we were pleasantly surprised the sound levels were slightly lower than what we anticipated.

The generator was pre-tested on our load banks at 25% load, 50% load 75% load and 100% load and 110% load.

The Irish market is a hard market to break in to. Reason being you had FG Wilson on your doorstep as well as several large and much established Diesel Generator manufacturers. So we knew that price and quality is always key to winning an order in Ireland.


The fact that we won this order shows that we are heading in the right direction and our company is making the right noise to win orders in hard market places.

Here’s what our director, Daniel Arnett had to say…

 “The fact that we now have a Diesel Generator over the water in Ireland shows are company and are products are being spoken about similar to the more established brands. The Irish market is a hard market to break in to. This order will hopefully catapult our brand name in Ireland and we can now look forward to winning more orders”

Due to our recent expansion, we are now looking for more strategic partners in Northern and Republic of Ireland.