We always love to see our power solutions get put to good use, and it’s even more fulfilling knowing that we are aiding towards to comfort and wellbeing of those living in residential care. One of our latest orders was an order comprising of an AP28S-1PH set heading to Gwyddfor Care Home in North Wales. Care homes play an integral part in our economy and society as they offer care and support to the elderly and less abled who may require extra support in order to live a comfortable and fulfilling life. It is vital that the care home were able to have 24/7 power, not only for the residents living there but for the staff members as well.


For the set, we used a Perkins 1103A-33G engine, coupled to a Mecc Alte ECP32-1L/4 alternator and controlled via a DSE 4520 control module. Due to the nature of the project and what it was going to be used for we paired it up to an ATS control panel so that if the backup power was required it would start up in a matter of seconds meaning that the disruption caused would be minimal.


Our team of highly skilled engineers went out to the site and commissioned the generator and ATS to ensure it was all correct and in order ready for use. For the commissioning, we fully check the installation, and the environment of the generator to make sure the generator is positioned in a place with the correct air flow so that the engine is able to work to its full capacity. We also check the running scenarios such as if there is a power cut – how long does it take to fire up? Does the generator shut down safely once the power is back? Etc. During the commissioning, we will also take note of any discrepancies that we feel could affect the performance of the generator or compromise the engine warranty. We will also advise the clients on what the next steps are to take, which is all documented in a full report which the clients will be sent over for future reference.

The client also received 5 sets of service parts along with oil and coolant to keep their generator reliable and well maintained for the foreseeable future.