Holiday Let Generators


Project Details

Company: Holiday Let Norfolk

Products Included: 30KVA Cummins split phase generator, with an ATS.
Location: Norfolk, UK
Application: Hybrid system with wind farm
Project Completion Period: 8 weeks
Date: October 2022

Project Overview

This month Steve attended an install in Norfolk, a project over the span of 6-8 weeks where we worked closely with the client to meet his deadlines and deliver the best generator for his needs. The generator in question was a 30KVA Cummins split phase generator, an ideal generator for a farmer. Specifically, the generator needed to power a holiday let in to work in conjunction with a green wind farm.

The intention is for an ATS to kick in when there is any brown outs and black outs, which connects to his hybrid system with both a wind farm and 30KVA generator in place to provide the excess power. This client received a full site survey, we worked closely in partnership with him to ensure what we were providing suited his needs and it was connected and commissioned within 2 months.

The client chose CPS because he wanted a UK made generator, and it appealed to him to support a local Yorkshire based company.

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