JCB Stage V Generators for HS2 Line

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Project Details

Company: Top Secret Information

Products Included: AJCB50S 50hz stage V JCB 430 emissions component generator. Built into a low noise canopy, with residential silencers and 8 hours fully bunded base fuel tank. All sets are installed with a Mecc Alte UK alternator, DSE7000 series controller and DSE890 gateway.
Location: HS2 Site
Application: Emergency prime running power
Project Completion Period: 12 weeks
Date: June 2022

Project Overview

A renowned infrastructure group of companies, ordered 19 prime running JCB Powered CPS Generators, the generators will support the HS2 high speed railway build. CPS generators will also service and maintain the generators, on a 5-year service contract.

CPS Generators won the lucrative tender in February 2020. The main factors for winning were that the infrastructure client wanted to order from a renowned UK Diesel generator manufacturer, who could demonstrate they were able to design, manufacture and service the unique products under one roof. CPS ‘ticked all the boxes’.

Steve and Victor worked on the generator drawings, using our CAD software, they put the engine and alternator drawings in the canopy. They then calculated the air flow to ensure we were using the correct canopy size, and allowing enough air flow to get to the engine to maximise efficiency and performance, but also to ensure there was enough room for soundproofing and correct size ventilation.

The first step of the build was producing the 8-hour base fuel tanks. The fuel tanks had to be bunded, with forklift pockets underneath to lift or move the generators easier. We manufacture all of our base fuel tanks in house, using our own fabrication team.

The JCB 430 Stage V engines arrived from JCB, along with the UK Mecc Alte alternators. We then focussed on all the mechanical works of the build, which includes coupling the engine to the alternator, mounting onto the base frame and then attaching the soundproofed canopy.

The next step was to produce the 7000 Series Deep Sea Electronics control panel, which is the top spec generator controller, we produce our panels in house and do all the generator wiring looms.

Part of the electrical works was fitting the DSE890 Gateway system, so we can track and monitor all the generators. The gateway allows us to track the location of the generators and check the running hours. This is particularly important because we are providing a service contract on all the JCB Powered generators, for 5 years.

Once all 19 sets where complete, our admin and sales team assembled all the documentation, and provided 19 individual documentation packs with each generator. They also did a thorough pre delivery inspection on the generators, ensuring everything was of a high quality.

The generators were booked in to be delivered via Richard Lester transport, Richard Lester are certified to deliver to the HS2 site. It took 2 trips, but the JCB powered CPS Generators arrived safely at the HS2 site in June.

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