Generator for a Recycling Company

Project Details

Products and services included: AP1250S,
Application: Power Machinery to assist in metal recycling
Project Completion Period: April/May
Date: 24.01.2023

Project Overview

After discovering our website in early December 2022, A Metal Recycling company contacted one of our Constant Power Solutions Sales Managers in search of a prime operating generator to power some of their production tools. 

This recycling company specialises in the procurement of metals for processing. They  purchased a new range of machinery required for a remote location that has no access to electricity outlets. Therefore, our Sales Manager acted as a consultant and gave his professional recommendation for the best solution, bespoke to their operation.


After careful consideration, they opted for a AP1250S diesel generator built into a 20 Foot High, weatherproof container, with a Perkins 4012-46TWG2A water-cooled 1500 rpm engine coupled to a Meccalte ECO43 -2L/4 alternator. 

They added a Water Jacket Heater which helps to keep the engine temperature a high level for startup as well as a 2000 Amp Breaker, External Fuel Connection with a 3-way Valve and CPS commissioning. 

Why did they do this? The purpose of the commissioning 

We always recommend commissioning to our customers. This process includes our engineering team performing tests and checks to ensure the quality running of a generator after site installation. When this process is carried out, any issues can be fixed at a much sooner rate. 

So our customer were happy and confident to rely on their genset!

This company chose CPS as they wanted a bespoke UK Manufactured Genset and were aware of their specification for a prime operation generator therefore this was a very straightforward sales process and Steve managed to elevate the company’s inquiry from quote to invoice in a matter of a few days!

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