This sports channel company’s plan is to bridge the gap between traditional broadcast and a new digital media environment, providing a breadth of resources and services to customers in all corners of the globe.

The company in question had a request to build a sporting broadcast Lorry which will be used in all the major sporting events such as Football to broadcast nationally and internationally. Africa as a continent main sporting love is football and with the African cup of Nations in 2017 plus Qualifiers for the World cup in Russia in 2018 many sporting Broadcast companies in Africa are looking to increase their fleet to broadcast as many African football matches.


We are working tirelessly and closely with the sports channel to build them the complete bespoke generator(s) that will fit in their Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Vans. They have an electrical and manufacturing design team in Leeds and London who sit down and design the full plans on how to fit an Openset Generator into a Truck or Van with enough airflow for the generator and alternator as well as keeping the sound levels low. This is where we come into our own and give our advice to build exactly what they need.

The latest project was we worked on was for a Sports Broadcast, one of the largest in Africa to produce two 65kva Openset generators with Electronic governor and PMG, dimensions to fit in a truck behind the Cab. Control panel to be loose and no fuel tank, built on to their own specially build movable skids. Our customer free issued the skids to ourselves so we knew what we had to work with in terms of dimensions. This also makes it easier for our customer as they don’t need to rebuild the set once we delivered the two units. Our flexibility is what won us the order as we can tailor the generator to their strict requirements.


Winning this particular order has increased our working relationship with the client and we are now working on several orders to hopefully support the whole of Africa with CPS UK Built Diesel Generators powering Sport Broadcast trucks and vans all over the continent.

Are you an Outside Broadcast Vehicle manufacture with a need for constant uninterruptible power for your Vans and trucks? Why not give CPS a call on 01757428140 and speak to our Business Development Manager Stephen Lucas who would be happy to assist from start to finish.