Saudi Telecoms diesel generator project
Saudi Telecoms diesel generator project
Saudi Telecoms diesel generator project

Project Details

Products Included: AC300S-60HZ & AC450S-60HZ
Application: international Telecoms
Project Completion Period: February and March
Date: 03/04/2020

Project Overview

Constant Power Solutions Ltd were conatcted for a big bulk of generators for an international country with a brand new client. After several meetings in our UK Factory price and lead time was agreed. The request was for 20 x 60hz CPS Alpha Series generators powered by Cummins G Drive Engines and Stamford Alternators.

The generator set was required for back up power for international Telecoms systems.

Generator Details

All sets had to have 8 hour base tanks calculated at 80% which is the optimum power load for these generators. Within the order was AC300S-60HZ x 6, with a Cummins G Drive QSL9-G5 Engine & AC450S-60HZ x 14, with a Cummins g Drive QSX15G6 Engine. They all included ABB Breakers, DSE7320 Controller and of course 8 hour base tank.

As the lead time was quite strict, we had to plan with our client to ensure that not only could we build the sets, but we could ship out the sets. The plan was simple we had to discuss with our suppliers lead times on the engines and alternators, as well as plan our other major components to ensure a smooth transaction.

It was a complete team effort with production team, working on two generators at a time, office staff ensuring documentation was done efficiently to allow goods to be shipped and of course sales team ensuring that tests where completed and the goods where thoroughly checked.

With Whats-app Groups set up between CPS and the customer, information was passed efficiently between our two companies and lead times which where agreed where adhered too.