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Project Details

Company: Isaam Qufaili Trading Co
Products Included: AP650S x1, ATS-1250, service kit, AP20S x12
Location: Yemen
Application: United Nations Office for Project Services
Project Completion Period: End of January 2020
Date: January 2020

Project Overview

Working very closely with our approved dealer in Yemen, we are pleased to announce that we won a prestige order on behalf of Isaam Qufaili Trading Co for the United Nations Office for Project Services. The generator had to meet a lot of standards and requirements before it was passed. Only companies with an ISO 9001 Certificate, where allowed to quote and the manufacturer had to have been an approved OEM supplier with a UK/USA/European engine manufacturer.

As we are approved by Perkins, we were one of a small number of companies who were able to pass through to the next stage of the tender.

The tender document was over 200 pages and every detail had to be adhere too and filled in by our dealer in Yemen, with the help of many long nights and online discussions on WhatsApp, Zoom and other means, we were able to supply our dealer with the correct technical information for them to be able to win the overall tender.

The generator itself was a 650kva canopied set (Alpha AP650S) Powered by a Perkins 2806A-E18TAG2 water-cooled 1500rpm engine coupled to a Stamford S5L1D-F4 alternator and controlled by a Deepsea Electronics PLC DSE7320 MKii controller.

The set itself was supplied with additional external Anti Vibration mounts. Our UK Manufacturer of AVM’s where on hand to ensure that the weight of this set which was near to 6000KG and the tough terrain that it would be installed on to, that the unit would be safe and secure.

As standard we fit an emergency stop on the control panel side, but as this unit is one of our largest canopy sets, in an emergency situation the UN requested for there to be an emergency stop on the opposite side for safety purposes.

They also requested that the generator had an internal Solenoid Valve – to cut off the fuel supply from the tank in event of a fire as another safety precaution as well. Unfortunately, due to the nature of the unit and the location of the unit, the UN needed a fully safety set, so we ensured that the unit was fully equipped should there be any danger to the unit and the site.

Finally, the requested a few simple options to be added, hence why we upgrade the control panel. The generator would be running 3-4 Hours per day and would be manned by several different facilities management, so they needed the generator set to be easily maintained and easily viewed so we fitted a water temperature gauge and lube oil pressure gauge, with a direct link in to the control panel for ease of maintenance. We also fitted three LED Lamps on the side of the unit again for ease of viewing such as Available – Yellow Lamp / On Load – Green Lamp / Failure – Red Lamp.

The generator, may have not been one of our largest sets, or maybe one of our most technical / bespoke or upgraded sets, it was however one of our most pleasing orders, due to the fact that this was not one on price. This was won on the basis that we matched the United Nations Office for Project Services full technical requirements, as well as the hard work our technical and R&D team as well as our sales team put in to ensure that our client had all the information to hand. We also have to thank our main dealer as well who orchestrated the whole process working with the UNOPS and ourselves to make sure nothing was left unturned.