Keswick Mountain Rescue Project


Project Details

Company: Keswick Mountain Rescue
Products Included: AP80S, Water Jacket Heater, DSE7320 Control Panel, Automatic Fuel Pump
Location: Keswick
Application: Backup power
Project Completion Period: 6 weeks
Date: February 2022

Project Overview

The original enquiry came from a well-known design consultant, that we have worked with closely on several different projects. We were informed from the enquiry that this was quite an old site, and not a usual set up, so our technical sales manager, Stephen took charge of the reins in the technicalities of the site, in consideration for the power requirements for Keswick Mountain Rescue, which will provide back-up power for their offices, and other equipment.

As this was an old site, all the equipment needing to be powered was three phase, but the Distribution Network Operator (DNO) Supply was single phase, and consequently the DNO solely was not enough to power the load.

Due to the heritage of the site set up, both CPS and the design consultant knew that this job was not going to be easy. To compensate, we designed our works to come in line with the design consultants spec and with the support from our R&D team alongside our expert knowledge we created a solution that would not only support them for the interim, but also future progression of the site.

The final solution consisted of an AP80S Perkins powered Alpha series 80kva prime rated genset with upgrades of a water jacket heater, Control panel upgrade to DSE7320 for functions to facilities with voltage sensing and an automatic fuel pump to connect to external tank.

The 80kva set was delivered to site. The appointed M&E Contractor did all the installation work electrical and mechanical install. Whilst was the job was installed our head electrical engineer travelled to the site to commission the unit and following procedures to ensure that all their problems were met with a complete solution.

This job consisted of two commissioning visits. Visit one ensured the unit was a complete standby solution as well as do initial design work on the site to plan the next visit. Visit two consisted of putting plans in place including fitting relays on site, testing the load sensing and ensuring that when the load increases past what the DNO supplies, that the generator takes over, and then once the load depletes, the generator will shut down and the mains takes back over.

Without knowing the site and what to expect, we were working typically blind. We knew the end goal and we had an idea of what the client needed, but physically working on the site we didn’t know what to expect. Our engineers on site where able to plan a complete bespoke solution that we have never done before.

This job was an interesting and rewarding job due to the uncertainty and unknown aspect of the site. The site was built many years ago and needed a lot of work done to the DNO incoming, switchgear and design work. Several options were given to the client, yet the client preferred the option of a Diesel generator, due to Diesel supply, cost effectiveness and experience of working with diesel engines in the past.

We had to not only manage the customer we had to ensure that costs did not increase with the extra requirements within the site and work within the remits of the project.

“The main pleasing aspect of working with CPS is the team behind the scenes from the technical sales to the R&D team that have the expertise in emergency, standby and power solutions. They studied all the paperwork and design work with ourselves and demonstrated not only how to work on a solution but work to a schedule and plan to ensure that the clients’ needs were met. CPS came to site several times working with the client to ensure no stone was unturned.” – Design consultants for Keswick Mountain Rescue

Overall, whilst we overcame lots of learning curves as a team, this project was hugely successful.

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