One of the other areas where uninterrupted power is critical relates to lifts and smoke extraction within buildings. Our inquiries for this application have increased significantly over the last couple of years, ever since a change in UK legislation which means that all lifts intended for evacuation use must now meet the BS 9999 Annex G (Fire regulations) standard.

Emergency lifts are provided to give priority to the evacuation of individuals who are not permitted to evacuate themselves and disabled persons when stairs are not an option. In the event of a power outage a secondary, independent power supply is required for safety backup such as a Diesel generator and quite often a UPS System.


This job in Leeds requirement was for an AP30S Perkins with Meccalte alternator. We CPS provided delivery via Hiab and commissioning whilst our electrical installation company did the full install with ATS and Diesel Generator, The largest set up was a residential apartment property which required a 140kva Perkins with Meccalte. With our Perkins and Kohler ranges, we can also provide emission standard generators especially in central London where they are clamping down on emissions. We are seeing more and more requests for emission standard generators.

Whether the application calls for a generator as an alternative supply, you can be assured that CPS is well positioned to help provide the full service with our approved Electrical install list which covers from John O’Groats to Lands’ end, as well as complying with all legislative requirements.