Dating from 1734, this lovely castle has been renovated to the highest standard. Their guests expect high-quality facilities from the minute they walk through the door of this lovely castle to the minute they relax in their luxurious bedrooms.

The building itself might be like living in the 18th century Scotland, but that does not mean their guests should live life in the 18th Century. One thing we all take for granted on holiday or weekend stays is that we will have electricity, to power our televisions, or charge our mobile phones and tablets. Even the internet relies on electricity. So imagine your horror if you paid to stay in a luxury exclusive hotel in Scotland to find out that you are in the middle of a power cut or blackout?

Would it bother you or would you complain and ask for your money back? Well most hotels now if they are not already backed by standby power, are now looking to source Diesel Generators in case the worse happens. This particular hotel in Scotland is adamant that their guests come first which means backing their hotel with an 80kVA Made in the UK CPS Diesel Generator.


The owner of this extravagant hotel has asked for the whole work to be undertaken by Constant Power Solutions and one our selected dealers. Working together we have supplied them with an AP80S Diesel Generator (Perkins and Meccalte and DSE Control Panel) as well as an Automatic Transfer Switch. The beauty of this set up is that should they have a power cut during a busy weekend, there is no need for any manual work from the maintenance team to supply power to the hotel. The ATS working incognito with the main grid and generator will send a signal to turn the generator on, thus no unhappy guests.

Our Technical Director has traveled up to Scotland to help undergo this installation as this is a project we are overjoyed to have one beating many of the largest Diesel Generator manufacturers to win the order.


Our dealer had huge competition in Scotland and to win this project is a real coup and shows how far we have gone and how far our dealers have gone by working in partnership together!