The new build in our country’s capital has easy access to a tube station, which is over the road from the apartments and is in a prime location with a shopping center only a stone’s throw away. The owners of the apartments see security and health and safety as paramount for their guests. With this in mind, they have installed a Fireman’s lift in case there is a fire within the compound which would automatically shut down power. All floors are secured with sprinkler systems and secured shutters and folding doors on every floor, to keep any fires restricted to one particular area.

All these safety features only work if they have access to electricity, which means they need a Diesel Generator to take over the load if there is a power cut due to fire on site.


All floors have a separate ATS (Automatic Transfer switch) and will work in conjunction with the mains and the generator as well as back up with a UPS which was supplied by UPS Systems based in Hungerford.

As well as security doors, sprinkler system, fireman’s lift, they also have on-site smoke extractor fans, smoke vents, back of house lighting and mains water booster system. The generator was lifted in situ on the roof with a full view of London and is running very quietly even on the roof.


Constant Power Solutions will be commissioning the set and working with the electrical installation company, Omega, with a bus bar system to comply with the 6 ATS (3 X 32A, 3 X 63A) and consolidate and divert the correct amp to each apparatus.

More and more companies in the UK are looking at CPS to provide power to the residential and leisure facilities such as apartments and hotels and holiday resorts.