Ghana situated in between the Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin and Burkina Faso just off the Atlantic Ocean. Ghana is a country which is rich in import and one of many countries who prefer to buy from the UK due to being one of many Commonwealth countries. Ghana itself has a long tradition with imports and exports to not only the UK but of Europe as well. So the country is an ideal country for a UK Company like ourselves to have a solid commitment to importing UK Diesel Generators.

Although Ghana is an established country and many cities have access to the main grid, the country is still prone to shortages of electricity  (Dumsor) increasing the interest in renewable energy as well as Power Diesel Generator.  Ghana plans to become a major regional exporter of electrical power using oil from the Jubilee oil field.


After several communications with our dealer in terms of our products, our quick lead time and our pricing structure, the prospect in question decided to visit to the UK to see our product line and to have a long meeting for future plans. From this meeting, he decided to place an initial order of one Diesel Generator AP30S which he plans to use for his own home. His comments were “If I can show Ghana your product and the fact that I am happy and confident so much in your product, that I use it on my own home. Then people can see your quality themselves and I will place more and more orders”


After this initial order, he is now looking to order a 20ft container of small residential units from AP13S to AP30S. After this, he will be looking to explore government tenders and introducing the larger CPS Diesel Generators into Ghana and possibly neighboring countries.

One thing we believe in is our quality and we welcome many prospect dealers from Africa and the middle east to visit the UK to see our production lines as well as our products. We are happy to show our prospect how our units work as well as show them how quiet our units are for residential appliances.