Manor House Generator Front Closed Doors
Manor House Generator Closed Doors
Manor House Generator Doors Open

Project Details

Company: Vital Power
Products Included: AP8S-1PH
Location: North Wessex Downs
Application: Backup Power to a Manor House
Project Completion Period: June 2020
Date: July 2020

Project Overview

A CPS approved UK dealer Vital Power recently supplied an AP8S-1PH generator manufactured by CPS here in Selby, North Yorkshire. We have been working with Vital Power for a good couple of years now, working to provide generators of wide variety to their customers.

This particular order of generator is composed of a Perkins 400 series engine coupled to a Stamford alternator, using a DSE4520 control module, providing 8KVA (6.4KW) prime power.

For the generator itself, there was only the upgrade of a water jacket heater, this pre heats the engine prior to starting, this ensure the engine is at the prime heat level when starting in cold conditions, this also aids the customer when manually starting the generator when the mains power is down.

The generator is being used as a backup power source to the manor houses’ recreational facilities, including a swimming pool, sauna etc. Therefore, ensuring a reliable backup source of power is pivotal.