Most overseas countries in Asia rely heavily on factory work and exports to Europe and America. A lot of Asian countries don’t have the benefit of reliable power unfortunately so they always insist on having a backup power Generator. One of our clients in Bangladesh won a large project to supply and install an 800kva open set generator for a large clothing factory in Bangladesh.

To meet the deadlines the factory owners will have to pay their staff for the downtime of the power cut and for overtime. This will reduce their already tight margins and it has been known for some clothing factories to lose money on big orders due to power cuts and overtime, to make sure they don’t upset their customers and to ensure future contracts are agreed.

This is why we are receiving more and more requests, especially in Asia, for factories who are wishing to become more and more self-sufficient, and introducing back up power especially from the United Kingdom.


We have noted the more we work in countries like Bangladesh and Sri Lanka, that Constant Power Solutions tend to be one of the main genset manufacturers that are named on all the large tenders. This is due to our lead times, our quality and the fact that we can prove all our components are UK/EU as well as the full build of the generator sets are built in the United Kingdom, in the county of Yorkshire.

A word from our Director Daniel Arnett:

 ‘The CPS journey is still in its early stages, however, CPS is becoming a popular brand overseas and in the UK. Our Business Development and the Technical team are always dedicated to ensuring our customers receive the right power solutions, whether it’s in the UK or Overseas.’