El Sallab Hospital - Side view generator
El Sallab Hospital - Horizontal view
El Sallab Hospital - Generator top view
El Sallab Hospital - Generator bottom view

Project Details

Products Included: AC910, battery charger, water jacket heater, oil heater, DSE890
Location: Egypt
Application: Backup power, Overseas Hospital
Project Completion Period: 3 weeks
Date: January 2021

Project Overview

This client works hard to promote the CPS brand all over Egypt. Their most recent project is proof of this! After beating a lot of opposition, both our companies were very happy to be producing the set for a prestigious hospital.

Built using a Cummins KTA38G5 engine, Stamford HCI634J alternator and DSE7420 control module onto one of our bespoke in-house fabricated base frames. Our fabrication team specially constructed the base frame as per the project requirements and as would best suit the machine.

As the generator was crucial backup power for an overseas hospital, the set was fitted with a battery charger, water jacket heater and oil heater to minimise any chance of downtime in a power outage. The customer also requested a DSE890 expansion module for remote monitoring. This allows the maintenance team to be hands on and ensure complete backup power to the hospital and be proactive if there are any warnings or alarms on the CPS AC910 Diesel Generator.

Both companies worked hard to complete the order and worked tirelessly to ensure the main on-site contractor approved the spec during every step of the build.