Peterborough Medical Plant - Inside Container
Peterborough Medical Plant - Perkins Engine
Peterborough Medical Plant - Outside Door
Peterborough Medical Plant - Power Box

Project Details

Company: Cambridge HOK
Products Included: AP800S, 3000L base tank, water jacket heater, DSE890, ATS-2500 with IP44
Location: Peterborough
Application: Medical Plant
Project Completion Period: 4 weeks
Date: March 2020

Project Overview

Constant Power Solutions was chosen to produce an AP800S containerised set by one of our newer UK based dealers to power a medical plant in the south of the UK. We were able to complete this order so quickly because of our close relationships with our engine, alternator and container suppliers. This machine was built using a Perkins UK 4006-23TAG3A engine and Leroy Sommer TAL 049C EU alternator, controlled using a UK DSE7320 and UK circuit breaker.

Our fabrication team used their great experience and skills to fabricate a 3000L bunded base tank to fit inside the container, so the customer didn’t have to worry about setting up extra space for an external, gravity fed fuel tank. Our fabrication team then constructed the cross members to go inside the container and the engine, alternator and radiator were being coupled. Once these three steps were complete, they were positioned and fixed inside the container, using our in-house 10 Tonne-crane, and then welded to make them secure.

Once it was finished mechanically, our electrical team took over to install the control box, breaker box, crank batteries and a separate box for the DSE890. The DSE890 is usually fitted with the control panel, but with the thickness of the container, it had to be attached to the inside wall to be able to work efficiently.

Our testing team then took over. Each of our generators are run from 10% – 110% in 25% intervals for up to one hour before leaving the factory. Our electrical team then produced a full test report advising of kVA/kW loads, times, amps, voltage and frequency. They also ensure the emergency stop and other functions are working efficiently. The test report will be sent with the generators document box including other documents.

After testing, our pre-delivery team took over. They cleaned the entire unit and added all logos and warning labels to follow the UK standards for this set.

Our sales team then performed a pre-delivery inspection and documented that it was up to our high standards. A pre-delivery inspection ensures that the generator is clean and also that all correct documents are included. Such as; engine and alternator manuals, test reports, wiring diagrams and operation manuals.