Large Openset 2000kVA UK Built Diesel generator

Project Details

Company: Grain Bulk Handlers
Products Included: AP2000
Location: Kenya
Application: Dry Bulk Cargo Handling Facility
Project Completion Period: Mid July – Beginning of August

Project Overview

Constant Power Solutions were hand selected by a company in Kenya to be able to produce a larger Openset 2000kVA with UK Built Diesel generator with UK Perkins Engine and UK Mecc-Alte alternator. If you are not aware, Grain bulk handlers are based in Kenya Mombasa, at the port of Mombasa. They are a dry grain Bulk cargo handling facility. There vision is to create the Port of Mombasa and moreover Kenya a ‘hub’ to relief agencies, millers and traders to stock sufficient grains in order to provide a rapid response to regional food trade and emergencies.

The company is thriving and expanding, since they came in fruition over 30 years ago. Grain bulk handlers growth is showcased on with growth doubling annual from 2000 – 2007. As they grow so does their capacity, meaning more storage and more power for their Equipment.

This is why CPS where selected out of many other suppliers. The bulk of the Equipement is sourced from UK or Europe, as the company wishes to compete and be the biggest Grain Bulk handler in the East of Africa. One major Equipement failure not only the generator but of course the Equipement they use in Mombasa was to fail. Financially it would be a massive burden to the company.

The generator consisted of Perkins UK Perkins 4016TAG2 Engine, UK Mecc-Alte ECO46-1L Alternator coupled on a UK Fabricated strengthen base frame, fabricated in our UK Factory. This set was controlled by a DSE 7000 Series control module so the client’s maintenance team can look after and check the oil, coolant pressure and temperatures.

Not only did CPS have to build a set to their specification we had to prove the build and test the set from 0% to 110% in peak loads and drops to ensure that the generator could take load drops and increases. We vigorously tested our generator to match as close to their requirements. We had to ensure, as the client was putting their whole support and companies’ critical power in our hands. Ensure that they had total peace of mind and that the generator would not only take the loads required but handle major changes in load requirement with little or minimal disruptions. Full documentation and test reports where provided before we shipped the goods. This gave the client total confidence in the Equipement they were purchasing from Constant Power Solutions.

The set even had a full SGS Inspection. This is not a standard requirement, but advised on by the client which we duly support. We cater for all inspections such as SGS, Intertek, TUV and BV (Bureau Veritas) to name just a few. Some clients require this so they can import UK Goods in to there country for a reduction in Duty (as they are proving they are brining in a quality product form the UK, most countries relax their duties as opposed to bringing in cheap imports) Others require inspections for peace of mind, as I believe this is the main reason why a Company like Grain Bulk Handlers requested this.

With the support from SGS we supplied the client with a full inspection, full testing (done by CPS, and documents verified by SGS). Full Certification, to demonstrate that our Alpha Series AP2000 Generator set is compliant with either national or international standards and regulations and full verification. This was more than enough support to ensure peace of mind and quality, before we could supply the full build to the client.