Our main mission as a business here at CPS is to manufacture 100% made in the UK products which are bespoke to our customers’ requirements. This week we had an order which really allowed us to showcase this.


This AP600S and AP200S set; fit with a bespoke exhaust and silencer was the perfect product to showcase the craftsmanship and bespoke solutions we provide here at Constant Power Solutions to really set us apart from our competitors. The Gensets are ECU controlled and have been confirmed to run at 50HZ at 1500rpm and 60HZ at 1800rpm. These units were both built into high-quality sound and weatherproof canopies in order to withstand the conditions they will be placed in.

The AP200S was powered by a Perkins 1106A-70TAG4 engine coupled to a Stamford alternator, and the AP600S was powered by a Perkins 2806A-E18TAG1 engine and coupled to a Stamford alternator. Both of the sets were completed with Deep Sea Electronic control panels.


All of us here are truly proud of this set and are always thrilled to be able to offer such bespoke and impressive products, so why not get in touch now and see what power solutions we can offer you?