Rwanda Rehab Centre diesel generator project

Project Details

Company: Quincaillerie Beta Ltd
Products Included: AP30S X 2 / AP150S
Location: Rwanda
Application: Supplying Power to a Rehabilitation centre
Project Completion Period: December 2019

Project Overview

Unfortunately, drugs and alcohol is a major vice in most countries. Even more so in African countries such as Rwanda. Working closely with Quincaillerie Beta Ltd, Constant Power Solutions supplied 3 generators in to Rwanda via Tanzania. These generators were to power a Drugs and Alcohol rehabilitation centre in Rwanda.

The rehabilitation centre helps up to 2000 young 18-35 year old adults to try and give them a better life in the future. Our generator sets allow the rehabilitation centres which are on a small remote island off Rwanda, to power different parts of the Island to help home the skills of these young gentleman.

Many come here of there own free will, whilst others unfortunately come here after being arrested, given the chance to either spend time in prison or make their lives better by isolating for 1 year.

The camp leaders will help the young adults by teaching them skills and trades such as masonry, Carpentry and sewing. This will ensure that once they leave the centre, they will come home to their families with a trade under there belts. This will help immensely when they are looking for work and will hopefully ensure that they no longer take to drugs and alcohol.

The 30kva sets help power the tools and equipment such as sewing machines, mini transformers for hand tools as well as grinders and other Equipement. Whilst the AP150S Powered by a Perkins 1106A-70TAG2 engine will give full back up power supply for the whole Rehab camp, as the camp is subject to many power cuts in the region.