Soho Sandwich company

Project Details

Products Included:  AS250S,   AS350S,    ATS-400,    ATS-630,    2X WJH,    2X Fuel tank upgrade,   2X  DSE890 upgrade, 2X DSE7000,    2X Cabling upgrade,    2X Electro Thermal Link,  2X CPS-COMM,    2X CPS-INST,    2X CPS-SERV
Location: North London
Application: Stand-by
Project Completion Period: 3 Months
Date: November 2022

Project Overview

In May 2022 a CPS Generator sales manager, attended a site visit in North London for a Sandwich Company where he began working to provide a solution for their needs. 

Knowing that CPS Generators is renowned for manufacturing sets for retail applications, the food retailer reached out to us via the contact form on our website hoping to find a solution for their power-cut induced delays in operation. 

The CPS manager assessed their need for back-up power generators as well as the logistics associated throughout, so the customer can always rest easy that we’ll manage the details.

The Sandwich company needed reserve power capable of powering an office, production line and several fridge/freezers. Considering these factors, the company opted for a 250 kva and 350kva AS Series Scania powered, diesel generators. Both will accompany a ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch), Water Jacket Heater and they’ve opted for customised upgrades.

Generator Details

The ATS is key in eradicating power supply issues as well as included upgrades such as larger fuel tanks to run for longer periods of time without assistance. The DSE890 remote monitoring gateway upgrade grants this company with impeccable convenience by connecting their generators to remote online programmes that can monitor and control each generator – they can be switched on/off with the click of a button. Another upgrade they chose was to have their generators power cables that connect to the premises mains, they have altered these to be longer to more effectively extend to connection ports. This option reduces the safety risk once installed as the cables can be installed underground.

These generators will be commissioned and run through a site acceptance test to ensure they are suitable for our clients needs and environment by our CPS engineering and electrical team.

Our engineers are overseeing aftercare of these gensets as requested in the service contract to ensure they are capable of operating at maximum potential and increase lifespan.

 This customer chose CPS as we provide bespoke, UK made generators and our customer service is compelling. 

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