Sierra Leone Single Generator
Sierra Leone Generators

Project Details

Products Included: AP30S x2, ATS-200, service kits for 50,000 hours, three-way valves for use with an external fuel tank
Location: Sierra Leone
Project Completion Period: 3 weeks
Date: September 2020

Project Overview

For this project, we synchronised 2 of our AP30S generators with DSE8610 to provide up to 60kVA prime power. These sets were built using Perkins 1103A-33G engines and European alternators with MCB circuit breaker, 8-hour fuel tank, external fuel valves, service kits and 200A ATS.

Once built, we tested the machines in sync to ensure they were able to work together effectively to share the load and also to work with reduced load. As the power needed will not always be 60kVA, sets can synch together to suit the power needed.

When testing, we programmed in both generator sets, loading sharing means that you can have one set running, with one set idle. This is also ideal for having the machines serviced as one machines can be running whilst the other is being serviced to prevent a power outage. Having the running hours split between both machines also reduces the time needed between each service and can also cost less money to replace parts.