One of our main dealers who is based in the South of Wales won the order pitted against the likes of CAT, Himonisa, FG Wilson and Inmesol, which goes to show that one of the largest Universities in Britain still feels that UK Built products are worth its weight in gold. Although in these tenders price does matter, the main reason for winning this project was the quick lead time required for the project and the flexibility to upgrade our generator to meet their strict requirements.


The Generator required was a 350kva Super Silent Generator, as not to disrupt their students, with a large fuel tank to supply if need be 24 hours.

Installation and final commissioning will be undertaken by our dealer over the cause of the weekend, so from Monday, the University will be backed by CPS Standby Emergency Power.


We have worked tirelessly to help our dealer not only win this project but to make sure they have the right solution at the right price. The Sound levels for such as large unit are incredible. We were under strict lead times to build this generator as work is done to the University everything needed to fit in place.

“I can safely say when our backs are against the walls the CPS team deliver.”