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Project Details

Company: Teledata UK
Products Included: AP771S
Location: Manchester
Application: Backup Power for a data centre
Project Completion Period: 4 weeks
Date: December 2020

Project Overview

One of our current projects in the factory this December has been an order for 3 x AP771S For Teledata UK In Manchester. All with DSE8610 for Synchronization functionality. All three generators will be used as backup power for a data centre in Manchester, with the 3rd generator to be back up to the two AP771S sets to give complete redundancy.

Teledata UK has been located in the heart of Manchester since its creation in 2004 and is the only data centre in the UK to offer 2(N+N) UPS redundancy and an on-site BS5979 control centre. As well as the space used for the data centre, they have several floors above of fully furnished office space which they can offer out to customers in case their premises are ever inaccessible.

This order was comprised of 3 x AP771S, canopied generators powered by Perkins USA built 2806A-E18TTAG5 engine, Mecc Alte UK built ECO43-1S/4 alternator and fitted with a DSE8610 control panel to synchronize all three sets for load sharing as well as complete back up and redundancy to the Data centre. As Teledata UK grow, not only do they need more Internet servers for their data centre, they also need additional back-up power along with the in house 2(N+N) UPS redundancy.

Having three generators will give them full back up support, should the worse happen when they have a power cut. The UPS they have will initially support the load required to keep their data centre running efficiently but eventually they will need to switch to the Diesel generators supplied by CPS. Generator 1 will start up first and take over the load from the UPS. As the load increases and the need for power increases, Generator 2 will sync with Generator 1, sharing the load together. Generator 3 is purely back up, should Generator 1 or Generator 2 cut out, it can also be used as back up if either Generator 1/2 are being serviced. This full redundancy will give confidence to Teledata UK’s customers that should the worse happen, then Teledata UK have a back-up system in place to ensure their websites, data etc… are covered with little or no down time.

From start to finish the technical team at CPS and Teledata UK have derived a solution and a build list to ensure the sets are built as per the requirements and need of the client. All 3 sets being used for backup power are required to be fitted each with a water jacket heater, this will ensure that all engines are kept warm so when they are needed to crank they are not starting cold, which could make it difficult for the engines to fire up. All Standby sets especially critical or emergency power must be fitted with both battery charger and a water jacket heater as a minimum.

These sets will be serviced regularly, so as the client advised that to help the service engineers on site, we fitted internal lighting in each generator. It is the minor details that CPS think that make a difference and help our clients and engineers; such as our large doors to allow space for servicing and door catches on the canopy. These ensure that the doors stay open whilst the service engineers are repairing and looking after the generators during harsh conditions, with easy access to all the major components.

Other bespoke features requested by the client are the DSE2157 Expansion module to connect with the onsite BMS system, helps the client and their facilities team check to ensure that generator warnings and fuel levels to allow the facilities team to be proactive. As the generators need to be able to run for a long period whilst the mains power is being worked upon, we provided a Western Global 20’000L Fuel tank fully bunded to UK Standard with an automatic fuel pump, to make the whole project robust with nothing left to chance.

CPS work very closely with our dealers, distributors, clients and installation teams to ensure any projects in hand we ask everyone involved to ensure we are supply a full purpose-built power solution that suits all needs requirements and standards.