We had a bespoke request from a well know car manufacturer who needed a Diesel generator bespoke to their requirements. The generator is to be built into a trailer and also be quiet, so we had to still build a soundproof canopy for a trailer. The big issue was that they needed a 150kva Diesel generator and had to be within a certain dimension to fit into the trailer and to have room for servicing. The Generator would be used on a movable closed trailer, so exhaust and air flow testing had to be done. The Generator will be used to charge the EV Electrical car charging stations up and down Europe. Travelling in many humid conditions as well as freezing temperatures. With this in mind, a pre-engine heater was installed.


We had to reduce our standard canopy size by 200mm in length. The height and the width were fine and fitted within our parameters. After discussing with the client he mentioned that the reason he picked Constant Power Solutions was that we had no issues with the dimensions of the generator and where happy to work to his diameters.

The second requirement which was more than a deal breaker for the order was the socket selection and of course where the sockets would be. He needed 6 sockets in total for his electrical car powering/charging equipment. They also all needed to be at the back facing the main door of the trailer. The Control panel also needed to be on the back also and again facing the trailer door. The sockets had to be open and not enclosed as otherwise, it would be suitable for their requirements. Socket requirement as shown below 125a, 63a x 2, 32a x 2 and 16a

Thirdly as this unit would be movable and traveling around Europe, it was completely paramount that the engine needed to be a Tier 3 engine and it needed to be a Volvo Engine. So we worked closely with our supplier and Volvo to make sure the engine supplied was up to the job.


After this enquiry, we are now speaking to the client and hopefully, this can be a regular requirement, with another plan in the pipeline to travel through America, and more to travel around Europe!