Trailered shipped to Africa

Project Details

Products Included: ALP20S
Location: Africa
Application: Prime Power
Project Completion Period: 6 days
Date: 29th May 2020

Project Overview

Constant Power Solutions are a bespoke generator manufacturer and have built many non-standard set. This order was one of the first trailered ALP20S generators CPS has manufactured, with the end destination being in Africa.

This order was sold through one of our engine manufacturers and partners. Which shows the relationship between our two customers, that they chose CPS to build a generator for one if their own personal orders. Out of all the Diesel generator manufacturers they currently deal with, they chose CPS really heightens the partnership.

Our partner supplied a UK Built LPWX4 engine, whilst CPS supplied and coupled to a Mecc-Alte ECP28 alternator. The generator also uses a Deepsea Electronics DSE4520 control module, securely fitted inside one of our Alpha series canopies, therefore, ensuring this was a 100% built and supplied British Diesel generator. We fitted to the generator body to a Knott Single Axle 1800kg chassis as we knew the terrain in Africa would need a quality and robust trailer to meet the demands.

The trailer itself is more than capable to tow the ALP20S through any terrain, with a max wet weight capability of 1450KG, and increased ride height and all terrain tyres to ensure it can take on any environment.


As the generator is going to be towed to numerous sites in the African country, the customer requested 4 sockets were fitted to the generator to ensure an easy power connection. The sockets where chosen by the client, whilst our R&D team safely calculated and advise to ensure not only was the client getting the full benefits from the generator. They also ensured that there was no potential for the generator to be overloaded whilst balancing the load safely. We fitted 3 x 16a 3 Pin Blue sockets IP Rated as well as 1 x 32a 5Pin Red socket.

We not only tested the generator from 0% to 110% (by passing the sockets) to ensure the generator could work at full demands, we also tested individually every sockets as well. Finalising by making labelling every socket for ease of use for the client.