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Project Details

Products Included: AV200S, industrial outlets
Location: United Kingdom
Application: UK Factory Power
Project Completion Period: 4 weeks
Date: August 2020

Project Overview

One of our projects this August was a 200kva set with Volvo engine, Leroy Somer alternator and DSE4520 control module for UK Factory Power.

This machine is for use in the industrial sector so was fitted with a total of eight industrial ABB outlets, because of this we installed an extra breaker box under the sockets for easy access. Two 16A 240V outlets, two 32A 415V, two 63A 415V and two 63A 415V powered from a 125A MCB breaker.

Like most of our projects R&D team worked closely with the client to ensure the sockets where in the correct position, before we started building the sets. Design work was passed to the client for them to sign off.

This set was built in under 4 weeks, including mechanical and electrical work and early stages design work. As with all our sets, all electrical work was done by our in-house electrical team, including the extensive fitting of the sockets. Every socket was tested as well and the generator was ran on load to its full capabilities.