Anywhere that has a large sum of money needs to make sure they are secured to the highest possible standard. Most secure systems if not all require electricity to operate. If you had a power cut, then your bank will be left to the elements and either your security will be compromised or worse still there will be no access to the vault. Even once you are back on the main grid, there is still an element of insecurity whether the bank’s security system will be up and running to its high standard and this is why a lot of banks are securing their banks with emergency power.

This is the first time we have worked with a bank especially an overseas bank so we had to make sure we worked very closely with our customer in Seychelles.


The generator is powered by a Volvo TAD1344GE and Stamford Alternator HC444F. The control panel supplied was a DSE7420 to work alongside the DSE Webnet DSE890 and an 800a Automatic Transfer Switch.

The set up for the bank is to with injunction with the mains grid. Once the mains power has a cutoff, this will send a signal to the ATS which in turn will send a signal to the generator to fire up. Also as the bank is isolated in the country, they need the generator to be remotely monitored.

The DSE890 Webnet is a remote monitoring tool which can be accessed via a web portal and viewed by the Main Directors and CEO of the bank. Once the generator fires up, the webnet software will notify whoever has access to the portal that the generator has fired up. This means that they can view how often the generator fires up and how long for, as well as fuel levels etc..


The tender was one, due to two major reason, Price, and Origin. The CEO of the bank wanted reliability and ask for only a UK Built generator. They also wanted remote monitoring tool and with the help of Deepsea Electronics PLC, we were able to supply them the solution they required. We were not the cheapest, once you add up the accessories, but the solution we offered was by far the best solution and suited their needs and requirements.