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We individually test every Generator at a 110% load before it leaves our factory.


You can be confident in buying a product that has been certified officially.


Our products are produced as per our clients specification requirements.

Constant Power Solutions


Introducing the CPS Rental Series: High-Performance Stage V Generators

Our CPS Rental Series offers a range of Stage V generators sized from 10kVA to 2500kVA, designed to meet diverse power needs with reliability and efficiency. Each generator is built with advanced features and can be manufacture bespoke to suit your specific requirements.

Our bespoke solutions can be used to deliver emergency and supplementary power at healthcare facilities, manufacturing plants, construction sites, data centres, offshore rigs, warehouse facilities, events and more. From rental generators housed in soundproof canopies to bespoke soundproof containers, for enhanced durability and easy transportation.

Standard Rental Features:

  • Multiple Power Sockets: Customisable power sockets based on your preferences, ensuring compatibility with various onsite applications.
  • RCD Protection: All sockets and breakers are equipped with RCD protection for enhanced safety. With protective covers over breakers.
  • Large Long-Run Double Skinned and Bunded Base Fuel Tank: Ensures extended operation without frequent refuelling, reducing downtime.
  • Heavy Duty Base for Dragging: A robust base designed for easy movement and repositioning of the generator, enhancing flexibility and durability on the job site.
  • DSE Controller with Remote Monitoring: Advanced control systems for real-time remote monitoring and management, enhancing operational efficiency.
  • Quick Connecting Fuel Feed and Return: Simplifies fuel management and ensures seamless operation.
  • Oil and Coolant Drains: Designed for easy maintenance.
  • Soundproof Canopy: Reduces noise levels, making our generators suitable for noisesensitive environments.
  • Extended Warranty 24 Months: Provides peace of mind with a comprehensive 24-month warranty, ensuring long-term reliability and support.

Optional Extras:

  • Containerised Rental Spec Generators: Available with flatbed trailers with external fuel tanks, mounted on the trailer ready for critical deployment.
  • Trailer Mounted Generators: For easy transportation and mobility.
  • Whisper Silent Generator Housing: Further noise reduction for ultra-quiet operation.
  • Heaters: To ensure optimal performance in cold conditions.
  • Push able generators: These wheelbarrow style push able generators are compact and versatile for an array of requirements.


Engine Options:

We use top-quality Stage V engines from leading manufacturers, ensuring our generators deliver outstanding performance and reliability such as Yanmar, Kubota, Iveco, Cummins, Scania and CPS Engine.

External access to control panel.

Outlets for external connections

Large base fuel tank.

International Rentals:

In addition to serving the UK market, we also accommodate rental sets for the US and other international countries, ensuring global access to our high-quality power solutions. No matter your application, we have a CPS Rental Series package to solve your power generation challenges and needs. We tailor manufacture each CPS Rental Series to your required hire needs and applications.

CPS Finance Option:

The CPS Rental Series can be purchased through CPS Finance, providing flexible and costeffective payment plans to support your needs. Additionally, we offer on-site training and handovers to ensure you get the most out of your rental generator.

Cummins engines
Perkins engines
Volvo penta engines
Scania engines
Bespoke Generators


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