Russell Britton, Southern Project Sales Manager

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Russell Britton, Southern Project Sales Manager

As we mentioned in last week’s article, the CPS team is constantly learning, growing and evolving to ensure you receive the highest quality service every time. You can trust our experts to deliver you the UK-manufactured bespoke power solution you need with the level of care your business deserves. Next time you buy a Diesel generator from us, you may find yourself across the table from, or building up an email chain with, our new Southern Project Sales Manager, Russell Britton. Learn more about one of our latest hires at CPS in this introductory article.

History of Russell Britton

Russel served early on with the British Army 83-89 in Bielefeld, West Germany, He had always been highly active, with a passion for sports. From a young age he had always wanted to be a PE teacher, and therefore became a physical training instructor during his time in the forces.

After leaving the forces in 1989, Russell got a job in the Diesel generator industry. He travelled across the UK and France performing load bank testing. He travelled up and down, from the Belgian border to Marseille. By 1991 Russell had climbed up the ranks at his company and dived headfirst into an office job. He turned his company’s rental turnover around in just a few short years, turning hundreds of thousands of pounds into millions. His hard work and acumen for sales were quickly recognised, and he became a figurehead for the company. He travelled to exhibitions across the globe, from Europe to South America, serving as a prime example of what this industry has to offer.

He then took a break from the office life to become the head of a brand new load testing division. With a budget of 1 million, Russell purchased the equipment needed and brought in the business that has led to this division surviving till this very day. After this stint, Russell spent until 2008 with his original company, making twenty years of invaluable service and experience.

Russell has continued his career in the UK power industry, selling generators and contracts, managing services and more for a variety of companies, continuing to learn and develop his natural talent for sales.

Quick Facts about Russell Britton

Here are a few quick facts about Russell Britton that might help you put a face to the CPS brand:

  • Ex-motocross hobbyist
  • High-level Snooker player, plays at county level to this day
  • Chef with his own cookbook, as seen on Masterchef!
  • Cooking warm-up for the Hairy Bikers, Mary Berry and more


If you’re ready to purchase a bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel generator, look no further than CPS. We offer quality power solutions to suit your business needs. You can expect quality service every time from Southern Project Manager Russell Britton and the rest of the CPS team with our rigorous quality assurance and ISO9001 accreditation. Contact us today and begin your journey with CPS.


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