Soundproof Generator Regulations Explained UK

Soundproofing Regulations Explained
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Soundproof Generator Regulations Explained UK

Diesel Generators are tightly controlled by countless regulations, standards and laws by multiple nations. Here in the UK, there are strict criteria and procedures your soundproof Diesel generator must meet in order to operate. Understanding Diesel generator laws, packed with jargon can be a nightmare for those not involved in the industry. Learn more about the regulations your UK-manufactured, Soundproof CPS Diesel Generator must meet in this article.

Basics of Soundproof Generator Regulations

At present, Soundproof generators are governed by the Noise Emission in the Environment by Equipment for use Outdoors Regulations 2001. These are based upon EC laws, and are subject to change during the post-Brexit process. Any Soundproof generator must have a CE Marking and its guaranteed noise level in a visible place on the generator. These regulations began to come into effect on the 4th of June 2001, but do not apply to any equipment purchased before 3rd July 2001. A declaration of conformity must also be kept in possession.

Failing to comply with the Noise Emission in the Environment by Equipment for use Outdoors Regulations 2001, whether it be a Diesel generator manufacturer failing to supply a product meeting those standards the loss of the declaration of conformity or the use of a non-regulation generator by a company, is an offence. According to the regulations, failure to comply could result in:

  • Imprisonment for a term lasting <3 months
  • A fine up to level 5 on the standard scale (£200-£5,000)
  • Both of the above

Acceptable noise levels for Welding and Power Generators

The Noise Emission in the Environment by Equipment for use Outdoors Regulations 2001 actually provides a way to work out if your Diesel generator meets regulations. As of the 3rd of January 2006, in order for your power or welding Diesel generator to comply with this regulation, it must be equal to or below a permissible sound level of:

95 + lgPel

96 + lgPel

95 + lgPel

Where Pel is your electrical Power in kW. This is rounded to the nearest whole number.

Simply put, trust. All of our UK & EU model Soundproof Diesel generators are fully within the acceptable noise level of this regulation thanks to their noise-absorbing eggshell-design canopies and UK—manufactured engineering excellence.

ISO Standards for Soundproof generators

The aforementioned regulations specify that a Diesel generator must be tested under and meet certain ISO standards. We may go into more detail on this in a later article. For now, ensure your Diesel generator meets ISO standard EN ISO 3744:1995 and ISO 92-7:1995.


CPS hopes this guide helps you to better understand your Soundproof Diesel generator and the regulations and standards it must comply with. Trust quality UK-manufactured, bespoke soundproof generators today to get your business through the red tape and provide reliable, efficient backup power today by contacting our CPS team of experts.

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