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The canopy itself is construction from galvanized steel and fastened to the base frame and finished with a high quality powder coat. The Base frame is construction from galvanised steel, with suitable thickness; bolted by galvanised bolts containing a fuel tank with oil and excess fuel sump fitted for servicing purposes. The residential silencer and high quality soundproofing ensure the noise levels are dramatically reduced

Our canopies ensure performance in outdoor environments. Our research and development team have designed our canopies to give our customers a generator which is easy to use and to service, as well as providing all the functions needed for a Diesel generator to power your home and business requirements

The design of our soundproof generators ensures they’re suitable for installation to many applications. Every CPS Soundproof generator is designed with the end-user in mind; for easy to use functionality, excellent service, and maintenance access


In an environmentally conscious society, legislation regarding the soundproofing of industrial equipment is ever-more punitive. Diesel generators are often noisier than their gas or renewable energy counterparts, so it’s important to consider noise-reduction options when purchasing a Diesel generator

A sound proof canopy for a Diesel generator can help to ensure that your operations cause minimum disruption for local residents and wildlife. In addition to this, a sound proof generator is likely to nullify or ease your path through potential litigation

Components of your Diesel generator including the admission system, silencing system and cooling system are physically enclosed within a soundproof generator

A soundproof generator won’t entirely mute the sound of your generator, but decibel reductions are likely to be significant. It is commonly thought that a soundproof enclosure for a Diesel generator, is likely to decrease the dB (decibel) rating of a generator by between 20 and 40 dB. This is quite significant and may set your generator well below a specified noise-pollution threshold

It should also be noted that the dB rating of a Diesel generator depends upon distance from the generator. For example, a shielded (or silent) generator may still reach 70-90 dB at a distance of 1 metre (with unshielded generators commonly exceeding 100 dB at 1 metre)

To summarise, the benefits of a sound-proof Diesel generator are as follows:

  • Less disturbance and disruption for local residents, likely leading to fewer noise complaints
  • Helps you to comply with local or national sound pollution legislation
  • More positive outcomes for the environment and wildlife local to the generator site
  • Allows you to deploy a Diesel generator in some (not all) areas which may otherwise be off-limits to noisy Diesel generator deployment
  • The generator enclosure protects the integrity of the engine, alternator and key components from adverse weather
  • The foam matting in the generator enclosure reduces noise levels and can be upgraded to produce a super silent solution

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  • Lift hooks/Forklift space strong enough to support whole generator


  • Control panel viewing window in a lockable access door
  • Emergency stop push button (red) mounted on enclosure exterior
  • Cooling fan and battery charging alternator fully guarded
  • Fuel fill point lockable with fuel breathing apparatus
  • Residential exhaust muffler mounted inside canopy
  • Multi-density polyester soundproofing material – Fire resistant Class 1


  • Large doors provide easy access for servicing
  • Radiator filling point on the roof (UK Standard)
  • Colour coded wiring looms
Constant Power Solutions


diesel generator Emergency stop

As standard all out units come with an Emergency Stop Button on the outside, for health and safety reasons.

diesel generator Door holders

High quality door holders / catches which will keep the doors open whilst servicing for safety reasons.

diesel generator Water filling point

Water filling point on the roof, to make easy access point for water filling.

diesel generator Lifting hooks

Lifting hooks, strong enough to support the generator when lifting, and doesn’t protrude higher than the canopy roof.

diesel generator Drainage sump

Oil and excess fuel drainage sump, ideal for servicing.

diesel generator Control Box & Breaker

Separate Control Box & Breaker Boxes for easy installation purposes.

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