Summer Generator Maintenance Guide

Summer Generator Maintenance
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Summer Generator Maintenance Guide

Working in the Summer heat can be truly challenging – just ask anyone in manual labour. Just like grafting in a hi-vis, your Diesel generator faces a whole new set of challenges in summer heat. How do you combat this? Summer Generator Maintenance is essential. Our experts are here to give you the advice you need to keep your generator running efficiently all summer long!

1.     Track Those Temperatures

Diesel generators run hot, any hotter and performance is affected. Most Diesel generators are designed to run at a water temperature of around 80°. Anything above 95° and your Diesel generator are likely to be rapidly deteriorating. If you hit that 95° temperature for your coolant, try reducing the load for a while. If the water temperature hits 95°, you should shut down your Diesel generator to ensure your generator’s safety and the safety of your workers. To avoid these temps, keep an eye on your gauges and make sure your generator is in a cool environment.

2.     Focus on Filters

Summer days are often filled with debris blown in by the breeze. Your diesel generator is equipped with plenty of filters to manage debris, but when the summer months come make sure they’re being checked as regularly as possible. The air filter, oil filter and Diesel filter of your Diesel generator should be regularly cleaned. Make sure this is thorough each time, even the smallest buildup could cause problems and inefficiencies in the future.

3.     Clampdown on Cooling

As aforementioned, ensuring the space your Diesel generator inhibits is as effectively cooled as possible is vital. Alongside this, using an effective coolant and keeping your Diesel generator topped up with it can have a great effect on your temperatures. CPS supplies our own brand of premium quality coolant you may wish to enquire about.

In regards to keeping your generator’s environment cool, employing an AC system can be a massive help. In a more outdoor area, minimising sunlight in the area your Diesel generator inhibits whilst keeping it away from hot-running equipment can improve cooling performance.

4.     Optimise your Operations

Heavy loads over extended periods are an easy way to wear out your Diesel generator in any season, especially the summer. The easiest way to keep your Diesel generator in prime condition in the blistering heat is to keep loads as low as possible, without underloading, and give your Diesel generator some cooling downtime. This shouldn’t be an issue for a backup generator, but give this tip some thought if you’re employing a Diesel generator as a primary power solution.


If you’re looking for a Diesel power solution that can power through these warm summer months, trust a bespoke UK-manufactured Diesel generator from CPS! As an ISO9001-accredited manufacturer, we are fully capable of providing an efficient Diesel power solution to meet your needs. Contact our expert CPS team on our 24/7 helpline to learn what we can do for your business.

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