The Benefits of Medium/High Voltage Generators

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The Benefits of Medium/High Voltage Generators

Our clients often request bespoke Diesel generators to tackle a particular challenge. However, no matter how efficient your UK-manufactured, ISO9001-Accredited Diesel generator will be, power loss is inevitable over long distances. The easiest and most cost-effective way to compensate? Pump up that voltage! Learn more about our range of medium/high voltage Diesel generators and the benefits they provide below with the experts at CPS.

What is a Medium/High Voltage Generator?

A medium to high voltage Diesel generator from CPS utilises a Mecc Alte Alternator, alongside Perkins or Cummins G-Drives, to output anywhere from 1350-4365 kVa of power through a voltage range of 3-12kv for 50hz requirements and 3.6-13.8kv for 60hz requirements.

We have chosen this incredible voltage range to push power over long distances with minor power loss. This improvement in efficiency is ideal for geographically wider sites, such as factories, where equipment is likely to be spread out.

This efficiency is compounded by our DSE8620 control module, with generator synchronicity and paralleling support that allows you to implement up to 32 additional generators. So, factory owners and big project teams – this is the Diesel generator for you.

What are the Benefits of Medium/High Voltage Generators?

Let us break down each component and feature one by one. You will quickly see the numerous benefits of our high voltage Diesel generators!

First, the Perkins or Cummins G-Drive. Both companies have countless decades of experience in the Diesel power industry and a close relationship with Constant Power Solutions.

We have broken down their complex and impressive history before in other blogs, which you can check out here.

Their experience provides incredible efficiency and longevity in their G-drives. In addition, our close relationship and the ubiquity of both suppliers helps keep servicing costs down. The same goes for the fantastic Mecc Alte Alternator included, which you can read more about here.

Of course, the higher the generator voltage, the lower the loss during power transmission. We have a more in-depth blog explaining the reasons behind this, but what does this mean for your power solution?

The most crucial benefit is consistency. You can rest assured that power loss will not vary at long distances beyond a minuscule difference thanks to a consistently high voltage.

In addition, a lower power loss reduces costs as you will need to output less power to compensate. This reduction in output will save you money in fuel and possibly even negate the use of another Diesel generator.

Finally, the DSE8620 is a benefit in and of itself, with various incredible features designed to quickly detect, remedy, and outright negate common Diesel generator issues. Learn more about this fantastic control module in our guide here.


There you have it! CPS hopes this blog has helped you understand the countless benefits of purchasing a medium to high voltage Diesel generator from us.

Our range of high voltage Diesel generators for sale use genuine parts from leading brands in a fully UK-Manufactured, bespoke solution. Learn more about our services with our other guides or contact us today to begin your Diesel power journey. Check out our social media pages!

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