The Importance of Diesel Generator Aftercare

Importance of After Sales & Servicing
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The Importance of Diesel Generator Aftercare

CPS is proud to offer a competitive and thorough after sales and servicing alongside our bespoke, UK-manufactured Diesel generator power solutions. After sales services are to us equally as important to your power solution as it’s initial creation. When dealing with the high-quality Diesel generators that we have for sale, proper servicing can guarantee a truly long and incredibly efficient lifespan. Learn more about the importance of Diesel generator servicing and the specific after sale service CPS offers in this article.

Why is Our After Sales Service Important?

Your Bespoke Diesel generator is an incredibly intricate piece of machinery, with each part playing an incredibly important role in its day-to-day running. Without regular checks, tests and servicing, a Diesel generator will quickly begin to suffer in performance and possibly begin to pose a serious risk of failure or injury. Proper maintenance is easily achieved and comes at a much lower, recurring cost than generator failure. Proper maintenance will save your wallet and employees a lot of stress over the long-term!

What does CPS After Sales Service entail?

The after sale service that we offer is comprehensive and multi-faceted. We tailor our service packages to your Diesel generator’s needs, so please only use this as a general idea as to what we may offer you and your Diesel generator based upon its KVA and kW output. Firstly, we offer free consultation services via the phone from our team of CPS experts. Our team will make sure to put their decades of experience to excellent use, giving you the advice you need as clearly as possible. We also offer full-service documentation and on-site installation. Both our phone line and call outs are available 24/7, 365 days a year with nationwide coverage.

We offer a variety of tests for your Diesel generator to ensure it’s always running at optimal efficiency. We offer both a UPS functional test to ensure power is always outputted correctly and frequent battery assessment to guarantee the health of your Diesel generator’s battery is within acceptable limits. We offer annual load testing alongside this. Load bank testing ensures your Diesel generator is capable of running that efficiency you require under load.

We also offer a flexible minor & major servicing contract system, to ensure you’re only paying for what you believe your power solution needs.


We hope this guide has shown you the importance of after sales and servicing in relation to our range of bespoke Diesel generators for sale. CPS offers a competitive and comprehensive Diesel generator servicing plan that can be tailored to meet you and your generator’s needs. Ensure your Diesel generator has the longevity in lifespan you expect when you choose bespoke, ISO9001 accredited UK-manufacturing. Contact us today for more details on our bespoke Diesel generators and our after sales services.


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