What Happens When CPS Struggle With Our Supply Chain?

CPS Global supply chain

What Happens When CPS Struggle With Our Supply Chain?

Any company is only as strong as its supply chain and as strong as the team that powers it. Our Sales team, Procurement team and production team work very closely together to ensure communication flows smoothly, and therefore so does our workflow. In this Industry you have to be otherwise you can be caught short.

Most of the time everything goes to plan. Orders are confirmed and built within lead times. Yet for every success story, there are also struggles behind not only Constant Power Solutions, but behind every business.

What happens when your supply chain has issues?

During Covid, we noticed like all companies, that clients still required our UK Built Diesel Generators, yet we noticed that as the market demand was increasing, the aftermath of covid meant that our supply chain couldn’t keep up with demand.

As a company we dealt with this by working with a range of engine manufacturers such as Perkins, Cummins, Deutz, Lister Petter, Scania, and Volvo to name just a few. This gives CPS and our clients a full portfolio to choose from and means we can cater for a number of both business and client needs.

We had a client in Myanmar who required 3 x Perkins Power CPS Built Generators. Upon receiving the order, we unfortunately had the misfortune of selling our last remaining Perkins 1103A-33TG2 engines, meaning we could not fulfil the order. Our Sales team worked closely with the client and the end user to ensure a back-up plan was prepared. We offered them another well know brand of engine to fulfil the order, which were available immediately (3 x Deutz 60kva powered engines).

CPS Generators Supply chain

Due to Brexit legislation changes involving importing engines in from Europe, we struggled with the final remaining 60kva generator. Meaning we could only supply 2 x 60kva Deutz Powered CPS Generators. We discussed this issue with our client, and we advised that we could either delay the whole production, when the final Deutz BF4M2011C was available, or we could offer a different engine brand (Cummins) to make sure the client had all 3 60KVA Sets; 1 being Cummins powered by S3.8G7 and 2 Deutz 60kva.

The result was that we had all 3 generators built and ready for collection, all because as a company we know we need to have the ammunition to offer a range of engine brands.

This helps relationships with our clients develop further, as they know that CPS only use the main brands that offer full global support in their region, as well as ensure that the client is not only receiving a UK Built Generator, but they are also being supplied with a generator that we are proud to put our brand name on.

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