What is A Tier V Diesel Generator?

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What is A Tier V Diesel Generator?

Diesel generator emissions are tightly controlled by government regulations and guidelines, especially in inner-city use. The strictness of these diesel generator emission regulations has been gradually increasing over the past few decades. Requiring new technology and innovation in the diesel generator industry to keep your power solutions effective and within the limits. Our new Tier V Diesel Generators are UK-manufactured, bespoke power solutions designed to fall well within new Tier V emissions regulations and meet your business’s needs with ease. Interested? Learn more about our range of CPS UK-manufactured Tier V diesel generators in this article.

What are Tier V Diesel Generator Regulations?

Stage / Tier V diesel generator Regulations are the next step towards low-emissions Diesel as a part of EU Regulations. This standard has been praised by many since its introduction circa 2019, and now serves as the de-facto limit for many looking for and manufacturing low-emissions diesel generators. Stage V Standards fall below the Tier IV limit set out by the EPA for American Diesel generators, earning the generators that fall within the “Tier V” name in common vernacular. Tier V Diesel generators must:

  • Be above 560kW
  • Emit up to 3.50g/kWh of CO, 0.19g/KWh of HC, 0.67g/kWh NOx
  • Fall under the 0.025-0.015g/kWh particulate emissions number

What are CPS Tier V Diesel Generators?

CPS manufactures bespoke Tier V Diesel Generators, designed to create a power solution that not only meets the needs of your business, but also strict regulations across the EU. Our Tier V Diesel generators can be fitted with a residential silencer and incredible soundproofing to create the perfect inner-city Diesel power solution that can also be placed on a trailer. We can offer Tier V Diesel generators in a variety of kVa and voltage specifications with top-quality parts from trusted Diesel engine manufacturers. Our Tier V Diesel generators are ideal in both residential and commercial zones, such as inner-city areas, due to their low emissions but high power output.

A CPS Tier V Diesel power solution can easily serve as a primary or backup power solution, especially with the power of the DSE8610 Load sharing module we use in many of our projects. You can learn more about this in a prior article here. No matter your needs from a Diesel power solution wherever you are in the world, trust a CPS Stage/Tier V generator as your power solutions provide ease of mind when tackling the red tape of regulations and ensures your power solutions is as efficient and high-quality as one would expect form UK-manufacturing.

CPS hopes this guide has shown you the importance and inner mechanics of Tier V Diesel generator regulations. For a top-quality, bespoke, and UK-manufactured Diesel generator to meet your business’s needs in the EU and worldwide, contact our expert team today to learn what we can do for you and your power solution.

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