What is Fuel Polishing?

What is fuel polishing
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What is Fuel Polishing?

Fuel polishing is mechanical fuel cleaning. This is done with the goal of cleaning up the fuel to maintain it. Though it is important for the health and lifespan of your generator, it is something you’re not likely to be aware of so read on to find out more!

Why should I get fuel polishing?

This process improves the lifespan and quality of your generator! Which avoids issues further down the line. It can also be a cheaper and less wasteful option than a refill of fuel. So you can even save money!

We recommend running fuel testing and fuel polishing for stand-by Gensets. This is because of the emergency nature of these generators – without, they are less likely to start- which is less than ideal!

When a Diesel Generator is not used often, the fuel in the tank can be affected. Especially those used for stand-by power and gensets kept outdoors. When outside and not used for a long time, debris and parasites make their way into the system affecting fuel quality. This is when most people would have a fuel change, but wouldn’t you rather save money and fuel? It’s a win-win!

Do I need to polish my fuel?

Don’t worry, this is not a necessity for all generators, but it certainly wouldn’t hurt!

If your gen set is used for standby power, we recommend you have fuel polishing once every 3 years. We also advise Fuel Testing annually to ensure your Genset is always ready to go!

Fuel testing just analyses the quality of your fuel and if it is viable for running.

Fuel polishing is often used instead of new fuel as it is cheaper and less wasteful for the user. And! Did you know Fuel can only be disposed of with a hazardous waste disposal service?

How should I maintain my generator?

There are many ways to actively improve the lifespan and quality of your generator. We offer bespoke servicing contracts to ensure all functions of your genset are working as they should. For more information about our service contracts head to our website or checkout our servicing blog here!

You can also help maintain your generator by keeping it’s environment clean and free from debris and obstructions. As they can act as obstacles for the system.

Constant Power Solutions offer nationwide aftercare services, the generator people, here for you, whenever you need us.

For further inquiries about diesel generators or generator servicing visit our aftersales page!

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