Who is your Local CPS Dealer?

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Who is your Local CPS Dealer?

CPS may be home to quality UK manufacturing. Still, we aren’t just selling our amazing bespoke Diesel generators in the UK. With the help of our prestigious CPS Dealers, we provide ISO9001-accredited Diesel generators across the globe.

In the past, we’ve told you the numerous benefits of becoming a CPS Dealer. But, if you’re looking to become a customer, there’s likely just one question on your mind – who is my local CPS Dealer? Today, the CPS Team will give you a quick selection of some of the CPS Dealers you’ll find worldwide. You’ll also learn more about what they can bring to the table when you’re in the market for a quality Diesel Generator.

Hegazy Company for Power (HCP) – Egypt

Hegazy Power brought us our recent project for El Sallab Hospital, which we wrote a case study about here. HCP works hard to spread the brand and bespoke technology of CPS across the Egyptian Market, far-far away from our home in Selby!

HCP has a vision for becoming a well-recognized power company with a reputation for excellence. They do this by meeting customer needs via consultancy, competitive prices and customized solutions with the help of companies like CPS. Check them out today!

PowerOn Group – Latin America & The Caribbean

PowerOn Group is the exclusive distributor of CPS generators across Latin America and the Caribbean. During their time as a CPS Dealer, they have brought us projects such as the Bahamas Asphalt Factory – which required both 50 and 60-hertz generators. You can learn more about this here.

PowerOn Group makes it their number one priority to be trusted and respected by their customer base. So when they’re selling top-quality, Bespoke CPS generators – it’s clear they’ve succeeded!

Excel Power Ltd. – United Kingdom

Not only will you find CPS Dealers across the globe, but you’ll also even find a few right here in the UK! Indeed, your local Diesel generator supplier may be able to provide you with a quality CPS generator. Excel Power is based in Swanmore and has brought us countless projects over the years. They are driven, just like CPS, to provide quality UK manufacturing to their customers.

Like many of our dealers Excel Power Ltd. also provides our projects from across the globe – not just their local areas.  Indeed, one of our projects for Excel Power Ltd., completed April 2020, provided four AP500S sets to factories across Asia! So no matter where you go, a CPS Dealer is sure to be ready to take up your order.


We hope this guide has revealed some valuable information about our CPS Dealers to your business. Across the UK and worldwide are countless suppliers ready to bring you Bespoke, ISO9001 accredited Diesel Generators from CPS. So contact our expert team today to learn more about the perfect Diesel generator for sale to meet your needs and which CPS dealer you can buy from. No matter where you are, we’ll make sure to reach you!

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